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August 2016

Forgiveness is not an easy thing. There are people in my life that have wronged me and I still hold a few grudges. This is something I'm working on. Now a days, it is seen as a weakness if you show love or compassion. People's pride just gets in the way of what they should do. People hurt other people, but we are all human. Showing love should be seen as a strength. Putting yourself aside for others and not caring about how others perceive that. On July 20th, 2012, James Holmes went into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire. Due to the act, 12 people were killed while 58 were injured. Pierce O'Farrell, 28 at the time, was one of the... Read more →

Faith is a difficult thing to have and yet it's so simple. I know many people who lack it, I do as well at times. I grew up watching my parents. They were wonderful examples of those who live with faith. When times got rough, they would turn to Heavenly Father and would tell me "have faith and things will be okay". I'm going through a time in my life where all I can do is have faith. I feel as though I'm walking into the unknown. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, this is no easy task. I just have to remind myself that if I have faith, Heavenly Father will deliver and help me through the darkness. That being said,... Read more →

Now a days, all you hear about is feminism. Some even question feminism in the church, because women cannot hold the priesthood. Even though it is true that they can't, women are essential and are very important. Women in history have always been put down, yet they get up even stronger. There are many marvelous women in the scriptures. Take Mary, for example. She was given the most important, yet difficult task of carrying and giving birth to Christ. She was a virgin who had to explain to Joseph what God needed of her. Or Esther. She was Jewish and had to go in front of her husband and ask the the Jews be saved. These women were put in very difficult situations, and yet... Read more →

What is one thing everyone should have in common? It's love. We've been taught to love our neighbor as ourselves. Ever since we were young, the activities the church provided for us were to strengthen our own self understanding, as well as to learn to love others. Our main goal in life should be to live like Heavenly Father and return to him. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love everyone. They have a very pure love for us. The natural man makes it hard for us to love everyone. I know there are people I just can't stand and I've wondered how I'm supposed to love them. All it takes is being nice to them. Christ can help you. Rex D. Pinegar gave a talk... Read more →

Many people want to be leaders. It's something that people love to do. Leading can be big, like the president of the United States of America, or small, leading a team project in school. I remember how in elementary school, we would line up in a straight line when we would leave the class to go to lunch or the library. I was always happy when I was at the front of the line. However, I was just as happy being the last person in line. Why is that? Well, to be a wonderful leader, you must be a great follower. We should be prepared to lead when asked to and follow when someone else has been. You can learn many great and marvelous things... Read more →