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September 2016

Being Mormon can be very difficult and trying at times. I know, in relationships, I have a difficult time. It seems like every guy I've been interested in says it won't work out because of my religion. Why is it so difficult at times? Sometimes we may feel lonely and out of place and wonder why. The right thing can be very hard at times. However, we must stand firm and know that we are doing what we need to and that we are never alone. Even outside our religion, leaders sometimes stand alone. Look at presidents, for example. They sometimes have to make the executive decision to take action which, in turn, may cause an uproar among Americans. Not everyone is going to stand... Read more →

My family travels several times a year, every year. They mainly travel to Europe and I have had many marvelous opportunities of traveling with them. What we do when we travel is serve others. Sure, we go and sight see, but that isn't the purpose of our travels. There have been many times when my parents want to travel to one country that trip and it doesn't work out. They end up somewhere the Lord needs them. We have met many people during our travels. We have friends ranging from Ireland and England to Italy and Russia. We help them and they help us. I have seen the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon my family and others through these travels. I recently just... Read more →

These are words we always hear. Come unto Christ. What does coming unto Christ mean? I know that for me, it hasn't been an easy thing. Throughout my youth, I always went to church and had a desire to serve a mission. I recognized then and even more so now that I was just going through the motions that I had learned growing up. I didn't have a true testimony, I was living off of those around me. Coming unto Christ is done in many ways. The atonement is the main one. The atonement can be used in every aspect of our lives. I have made a few mistakes in my life and have had to learn to rely on the atonement. Without it, I... Read more →