Now a days, all you hear about is feminism. Some even question feminism in the church, because women cannot hold the priesthood. Even though it is true that they can't, women are essential and are very important. Women in history have always been put down, yet they get up even stronger. There are many marvelous women in the scriptures. Take Mary, for example. She was given the most important, yet difficult task of carrying and giving birth to Christ. She was a virgin who had to explain to Joseph what God needed of her. Or Esther. She was Jewish and had to go in front of her husband and ask the the Jews be saved. These women were put in very difficult situations, and yet... Read more →

One of the most important things in a family is family council. Now what is that? Its the ability to talk to your family, or parts of your family, about events and problems in our lives. Its when parents listen to one another or their children. We even participated in a family council in the premortal life with our heavenly parents as their spirit children. It is very important to have. Without confiding and talking to members of the family, these feelings may build up inside us or we will seek guidance from people that may not have our best interests at heart. Its a time to bring light to issues or concerns. Now, this is different than Family Home Evenings. Family Home Evening is... Read more →

We all know that it is nearly impossible for kids to sit through all of the General Conference sessions, even if you only watch the Sunday sessions with them. I'm sure, as a kid, you thought it was incredibly boring. There were no cartoons, nothing directed towards the little ones in the audience, and you had to sit there for TWO hours per session! Man, those days were rough. As you've grown, though, you've come to understand how important and wonderful General Conference really is. Why not make it wonderful for your children as well? Here are five ways to share the beauty of General Conference with your kids: Make a list of the Presidency and apostles. When that person gives a talk, have them... Read more →