Interesting Tidbits

I bet you think know everything there is to know about the Conference Center. Well, did you know these fascinating facts? What if there was an earthquake in Utah? It's built to withstand one up to an 8.4 on the Richter scale! Just like Jerusalem's temple, the Conference Center sits on a 10-acre plot. The roof is so strong that you could put another 18 million pounds on top and it wouldn't collapse. How could such a roof be held up without columns you may ask? An estimated 620 tons of fabricated steel imported from Belgium holds it up! The balcony can sink 5/8 inches when there is full capacity to prevent too much strain on the supports. A three stories tall chandelier hangs in... Read more →

President Henry B. Eyring is known for being the current First Counselor in the First Presidency of the LDS church, under President Thomas S. Monson. Before President Gordon B. Hinckley's death, President Eyring was the Second Counselor in the First Presidency. His full name is Henry Bennion Eyring and he was born May 31, 1933 in Princeton, New Jersey. These are pretty basic and well known facts, but did you know this about him: Eyring was born into the family of Henry Eyring and Mildred Bennion Eyring. Henry Eyring was the dean of the University of Utah and the president of the American Chemical Society. President Eyring was the nephew of the 12th prophet of the LDS church, President Spencer W. Kimball. President Eyring's aunt,... Read more →

President Thomas S. Monson is well known for being the current prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not only that, he is the 16th prophet of the church since it was founded in 1830. Another known fact is that prophets are called by Heavenly Father and serve the Lord and his church until they pass away. President Monson became the 16th prophet on February 3, 2008, seven days after beloved President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. Now, there are some facts about President Monson that most people in your ward probably aren't aware of: President Monson was one of the two prophets baptized in a tradition baptismal fonts, the other was President Gordon B. Hinckley. The other 14 prophets were baptized... Read more →

The Latter-Day Saints' (LDS) Conference Center is considered the largest theater auditorium in the world, with a total of 21,200 seats. Much like any other theater, time and effort goes into everything to make it look its best and run without error. 105 full time and on call employees work hard before, during, and after to make conference a spiritual experience for the millions of viewers around the world. Here are some fascinating details of the behind the scenes efforts required to produce General Conference: General Conference is known, among many other things, for it's magnificent flowers. In order to produce these beautiful arrangements, employees start to draw up plans for the flowers two months in advance. Two weeks before conference, workers move 10,000 pound... Read more →