Personal Reflections

Some people believe that if you just have faith in something God is going to give it to you. Sadly, it doesn't work that way. Although we may have faith in something that we want, it doesn't mean that it's something Heavenly Father wants for us. It may not be in our plan or best interest. I know some people that have had faith that a family member will make it through an illness. Those people sometimes pass away. Occasionally, the family will then scorn God and blame him. Why can't we have faith that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing? Why must we make it all about what we want and not what we need. We can learn from things that don't go... Read more →

Faith is something everyone strives to have. Even non-religious people. Some have faith that the Lakers are going to crush everyone this season. Children have faith that Santa won't forget to give them presents this Christmas. Prayer is the way to gain faith in the religious aspect. Prayer is our telephone to Heavenly Father in a sense. We are able to communicate with Heavenly Father all of our worries and joys. My faith grows every time I pray. I have faith that Heavenly Father hears my prayers and will deliver when I need his help and blessings. There have been times in my life when I will not pray for a while. I feel like I'm at at stand still point during those times. As... Read more →

There are many times in life that we wonder "why is this happening to me?" When we have struggles and hardships, we are often not able to see the overall picture. People tend to wallow in self-pity and blame Heavenly Father for everything they are going through. God really wants us to gain knowledge from these times. I have an experience where I was able to help someone because of my trials. My health has not been very good and it kept dragging out for months. There were times I wondered why Heavenly Father was not letting me know what was wrong and was letting it go on. My mother would go into my doctors appointments with me and they would ask her if she... Read more →

Throughout our lives, we are all going to experience pain. This pain may be from an illness, sin, or actions from someone else in our life. Although it may feel as though we have to carry these burdens all alone, we don't. I have been dealing with an illness that has dragged on for months. I often feel that no one knows how I feel or what I'm going through. Although my family has constantly been there to take care of me, sometimes it's just difficult. I've learned to really put my life in the hands of the Lord. I have received several priesthood blessings and prayers. Through my trials, I have been able to see the Lord's hand in my life. We we repent,... Read more →

Being Mormon can be very difficult and trying at times. I know, in relationships, I have a difficult time. It seems like every guy I've been interested in says it won't work out because of my religion. Why is it so difficult at times? Sometimes we may feel lonely and out of place and wonder why. The right thing can be very hard at times. However, we must stand firm and know that we are doing what we need to and that we are never alone. Even outside our religion, leaders sometimes stand alone. Look at presidents, for example. They sometimes have to make the executive decision to take action which, in turn, may cause an uproar among Americans. Not everyone is going to stand... Read more →

My family travels several times a year, every year. They mainly travel to Europe and I have had many marvelous opportunities of traveling with them. What we do when we travel is serve others. Sure, we go and sight see, but that isn't the purpose of our travels. There have been many times when my parents want to travel to one country that trip and it doesn't work out. They end up somewhere the Lord needs them. We have met many people during our travels. We have friends ranging from Ireland and England to Italy and Russia. We help them and they help us. I have seen the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon my family and others through these travels. I recently just... Read more →

These are words we always hear. Come unto Christ. What does coming unto Christ mean? I know that for me, it hasn't been an easy thing. Throughout my youth, I always went to church and had a desire to serve a mission. I recognized then and even more so now that I was just going through the motions that I had learned growing up. I didn't have a true testimony, I was living off of those around me. Coming unto Christ is done in many ways. The atonement is the main one. The atonement can be used in every aspect of our lives. I have made a few mistakes in my life and have had to learn to rely on the atonement. Without it, I... Read more →

Forgiveness is not an easy thing. There are people in my life that have wronged me and I still hold a few grudges. This is something I'm working on. Now a days, it is seen as a weakness if you show love or compassion. People's pride just gets in the way of what they should do. People hurt other people, but we are all human. Showing love should be seen as a strength. Putting yourself aside for others and not caring about how others perceive that. On July 20th, 2012, James Holmes went into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire. Due to the act, 12 people were killed while 58 were injured. Pierce O'Farrell, 28 at the time, was one of the... Read more →

Now a days, all you hear about is feminism. Some even question feminism in the church, because women cannot hold the priesthood. Even though it is true that they can't, women are essential and are very important. Women in history have always been put down, yet they get up even stronger. There are many marvelous women in the scriptures. Take Mary, for example. She was given the most important, yet difficult task of carrying and giving birth to Christ. She was a virgin who had to explain to Joseph what God needed of her. Or Esther. She was Jewish and had to go in front of her husband and ask the the Jews be saved. These women were put in very difficult situations, and yet... Read more →

We are all pioneers in one way or another. The definition of a pioneer in the Oxford English Dictionary is "one who goes before, showing others the way to follow". And isn't that true for almost all of us? We may not have had to cross the plains and lose our loved ones to make it to the Salt Lake Valley, but we help guide others. The prophet and his council are prime examples of pioneers, they show us the way to follow. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can show others the way to follow by being an example and sharing our testimony. It's our job to look inside and find that pioneer. In a talk President Thomas... Read more →