Forgiveness is not an easy thing. There are people in my life that have wronged me and I still hold a few grudges. This is something I'm working on. Now a days, it is seen as a weakness if you show love or compassion. People's pride just gets in the way of what they should do. People hurt other people, but we are all human. Showing love should be seen as a strength. Putting yourself aside for others and not caring about how others perceive that. On July 20th, 2012, James Holmes went into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire. Due to the act, 12 people were killed while 58 were injured. Pierce O'Farrell, 28 at the time, was one of the... Read more →

This is one of my all-time favorite conference talks. Although I've read it many times, I didn't remember that President Hinckley read the address for President Benson. It is such an amazing talk, and one that changed my life. I remember discussions afterward about whether it was OK to be "proud" of your children. Even though I was younger at the time, I remember thinking that the real meaning of the type of pride President Benson was discussing was defined as enmity toward God and toward others. Those of you who were not alive when this talk was given, is this one you've heard of before? What is your favorite part of the talk? Read "Beware of Pride" on Read more →