Religious Freedom

Faith is something everyone strives to have. Even non-religious people. Some have faith that the Lakers are going to crush everyone this season. Children have faith that Santa won't forget to give them presents this Christmas. Prayer is the way to gain faith in the religious aspect. Prayer is our telephone to Heavenly Father in a sense. We are able to communicate with Heavenly Father all of our worries and joys. My faith grows every time I pray. I have faith that Heavenly Father hears my prayers and will deliver when I need his help and blessings. There have been times in my life when I will not pray for a while. I feel like I'm at at stand still point during those times. As... Read more →

Being Mormon can be very difficult and trying at times. I know, in relationships, I have a difficult time. It seems like every guy I've been interested in says it won't work out because of my religion. Why is it so difficult at times? Sometimes we may feel lonely and out of place and wonder why. The right thing can be very hard at times. However, we must stand firm and know that we are doing what we need to and that we are never alone. Even outside our religion, leaders sometimes stand alone. Look at presidents, for example. They sometimes have to make the executive decision to take action which, in turn, may cause an uproar among Americans. Not everyone is going to stand... Read more →

People get so caught up in their own beliefs that they have issues with people of different faith and morals. I know that sometimes I do the same. I may love someone, yet judge them because of their choices and actions. What we should really strive for is loving everyone like how Christ does. Why is that so hard? I mean we are all human and we all make mistakes, yet we judge others for making mistakes you wouldn't make. What we really need to realize is that we are all different people with different challenges. Just like how you wouldn't want to be judged for your beliefs, others don't want to be judged either. At the same time though, we should not compromise good... Read more →