I often get questions from others wondering why we have the Word of Wisdom. Why can't you have coffee or tea? Does that mean you can't have caffeinated sodas? If red wine can help the heart, why can't you drink it? I often don't know the complete answer to most of the questions I am asked. I try my hardest to answer them and seek more knowledge from leaders and Heavenly Father. Even though I follow the Word of Wisdom, I have a confession for you. I love the taste of coffee. My favorite ice cream is coffee flavored even. Though, I've never had a cup of coffee, it is still something my taste buds long for. That sparks even more questions from others "if... Read more →

There are many times in life that we wonder "why is this happening to me?" When we have struggles and hardships, we are often not able to see the overall picture. People tend to wallow in self-pity and blame Heavenly Father for everything they are going through. God really wants us to gain knowledge from these times. I have an experience where I was able to help someone because of my trials. My health has not been very good and it kept dragging out for months. There were times I wondered why Heavenly Father was not letting me know what was wrong and was letting it go on. My mother would go into my doctors appointments with me and they would ask her if she... Read more →

Faith is a difficult thing to have and yet it's so simple. I know many people who lack it, I do as well at times. I grew up watching my parents. They were wonderful examples of those who live with faith. When times got rough, they would turn to Heavenly Father and would tell me "have faith and things will be okay". I'm going through a time in my life where all I can do is have faith. I feel as though I'm walking into the unknown. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, this is no easy task. I just have to remind myself that if I have faith, Heavenly Father will deliver and help me through the darkness. That being said,... Read more →

Have you read the Book of Mormon lately? Like actually sat down and read it. No, reading a little in front of Sunday School does not count. I've found myself guilty of skipping on my scripture reading. Lately, I've made it a point to take time out of my busy day and my late nights of Netflix to read. Many people, like myself, have been given the privilege of being born into the LDS church. Even though I was born into it, I often ask myself, am I truly a member? Sure, I am by the way of baptism, but am I spiritually a member? Even those that are born into the church need to be converted in a way and gain a testimony. Elder... Read more →